Colombian artist born in Cartagena de Indias (1957), self-taught painter, draftsman and watercolorist, who after a short training at workshops of renowned artists of the country, tried acrylics, pastel, and charcoal, to quickly move to watercolors being aimed soon towards impressionist and realistic landscapes.

His works are full of color, transparency, vitality and freedom in their stroke, evoking tropical scenery of the Colombian Amazon rainforest, where he lived for 15 years due to his employment with Ecopetrol, the state owned oil company, discovering the infinite polychrome of jungle flora, fauna, and the exuberance of its forms and mazes, its light, temperature, atmosphere, sounds, flavors and silences, fears and rivers of extreme purity of virgin and crystal clear waters.

During his life in the Amazonian departments of Putumayo and Nariño, he developed mural painting, sculptures, stained glass, decoration and landscaping projects, especially painting workshops for children including more than 350 underprivileged and displaced children in these areas of conflict and violence. Despite the end of his working life, he continues with these workshops for children and adults in poor and depressed areas of the country.

He is not a pleasing watercolorist; he is a tireless and tenacious worker and a researcher who paints large format watercolors so unusual in this painting technique. In 2008, in his hometown, he painted one of the largest watercolor in the world on a single piece of paper, which he called PACHAMAMA to honor Mother Earth and the pre-Columbian ancestors of Latin America, seeking in this work a harmonious encounter between man and nature.

He has had over 100 national and international exhibitions; he has participated in international biennial and triennial exhibitions, Spanish and Latin American Exhibitions. His work has been exhibited in the U.S.A., Spain, Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Mexico, Ecuador, Venezuela, China, Singapore and others, thereby gaining immense personal satisfaction, honors, publications, awards and recognitions.

He is currently a United Nations leader in Colombia as to compliance of the Millennium Goals concerning environmental sustainability.


For 15 years I lived in the Colombian Amazon rainforest and for this reason, I paint its landscapes in my watercolors. Rainforest is a living being comparable to a woman due to her beauty, her forms, her guts, her fragrances and for her tireless desire to deliver its fruits. Our ancestors were right in calling herPachamama, because they saw what I feel when I walk inside her deep light and decipher her mazes, her shapes and her endless polychrome; thus all my creations I draft a map to tour in it and live in it putting the observer in an inner dialogue of harmony with nature.

These rainforests are our life, are water, are air, are food, are bio-diverse, but they are also Indian, mulatto, mestizo, black, American, and sacred, are humanity, are for all, are our essence. It is not the Jungle of New York or Paris; it is neither the Natura of Rome, nor the Cybele of Greece, or of Beijing; it is the rainforest of García Márquez, of Simon Bolivar, of Juan Ceballos, of Chico Mendes and Jose Eustasio Rivera.

In each work I have an inner feeling and respect for the secrets of this immense living being that can only exist through the creative act of a supreme intelligence, sovereign and infinitely perfect as that God.


Latin American Art Showcase, Singapore
13th Meeting in Beijing Arts Festival, Convention Center, Beijing – China
16th International Art Fair – Shanghai, China
First Iberoamerican Biennial of Watercolor – Casa de la Moneda Museum, Madrid Spain
Colombian Independence Bicentennial Exhibition – Royal Artistic Circle, Barcelona – Spain
Artomatic – Washington DC – USA
IDB Gallery (Interamerican Development Bank) Washington D.C. – USA
Quiroz Gallery, Wynwood – Miami, USA
Kulturzentrum Gasteig Cultural Center – Munich, Germany
13th International Biennial of Watercolors – Namur, Belgium
Opera Gallery – Paris, France
Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art – Cuenca, Ecuador
16th Anniversary of the Watercolor Association of Venezuela – Caracas, Venezuela
7th International Biennial of Watercolor, Mexico DF.

Museum of the water EPM, Medellín, Colombia

Museum of modern art in Bucaramanga, Colombia

Bolivarian Museum of Contemporary Art – Santa Marta, Colombia
Tolima Art Museum – Ibague, Colombia
Modern Art Museum of Cartagena, Cartagena – Colombia
Customs House Gallery – Pilot Caribbean Library- Barranquilla, Colombia
Colombian-Spanish Cooperation, Santo Domingo Cloister Cartagena, Colombia
National Oil Museum – Barrancabermeja, Colombia
Among other



Royal Artistic Circle of Barcelona, Spain
Bolivarian Museum of Contemporary Art, Santa Marta, Colombia
Modern Art Museum in Cartagena, Colombia
Tolima Art Museum, Ibague, Colombia

Modern Art Museum of Bucaramanga, Colombia
Customs House Museum, Caribbean Pilot Library. Barranquilla, Colombia
Nacional Oil Museum – Barrancabermeja, Colombia
Municipal Museum of Modern Art – Cuenca, Ecuador
National Watercolor Museum, Alfredo Guati Rojo – Mexico DF, México
Hilton Hotel Gallery – Cartagena, Colombia
Shaller Art Design – Bogotá, Colombia
Ecopetrol – Bogotá, Colombia
Among others


Spain, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, England, Israel, China, Singapore, Australia, USA, Ecuador, Brazil and Colombia among others.

United Nations Delegate Colombia – Environmental Sustainability
Member active inrtenational watercolors society-IWS
Member active World Academy of painting – Paris
Painting workshops for adults and children in conflict zones in Nariño and Putumayo, Colombia
Watercolor workshop in Venezuela, Ecuador, Germany, USA and Colombia
Selected to represent Colombia in Watercolor International Biennials and Triennials
Member Board of Judges in painting competitions
Curator of exhibitions and private collection at Ecopetrol Club – Bogota Colombia

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